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Fantastic magical powers aren't the only things the daeva can provide. In fact, Adana's quite certain that in the grand scheme of things, the fantastic magical powers will be minor in comparison to the technology they can provide. Sure, she and Cam are powerful, but they are two people and they can't be everywhere at once. Technology, though? Technology is easy to scale. Get a few factories up, and over a few decades, the entire world will get access. And it's not like they're on a time-crunch, anymore.

Mind you, the fantastic magical powers aren't bad, either. Even if, as it turns out, it's impossible for Cam to make magic mirrors - they anticlimactically are ordinary mirrors. Similarly, Adana tries to turn a set of mirrors into the magical versions, but gets nowhere. It's probably safe to assume daeva are incapable of making magical items through their inherent abilities. They all find this fact a terrible pity, but it's not like they can complain, considering.

Most of her alts have started bothering her for her technology, and plans to neatly integrate it with their own levels of technology. Prime is the easiest of all of them - he is in a position in charge, has little to no masquerade issues, and Cam can make trips there whenever he likes. Cypress is the most tricky, since neither Cam or Adana can actually go to Chamomile. So Cypress and Ice pick a time to head over to Pantheon when Cam and Adana are free.
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"What would be a good target? One of the Kystles pre-invasion, I guess?"
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"Probably. Or, if we find another large-scale - murdery thing, that. Prime's Kystle before mine, I'd say, considering he has the secondary bonus of large-scale genocide to add to the deaths. I would not want to tell him that he would have to start over, though."
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"Yeah... What are we going to do about your Kystle, anyway?"
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"I - am not sure yet. I can't just let it sit, certainly. But I don't think we have the power to politely make the invaders go shoo."
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"Can we - yoink the Lynn?"
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"I think," he agrees. "But the problem with that is, according to the - other Lynn, she was really not fit for company at the - time I'd be yoinking her."
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"I don't think we should yoink her and drop her in the middle of San Diego with a hotel voucher and a bottle of water, but there's unoccupied continents on our colony planet, or Cam could make her someplace to be in space somewhere."
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"Let's - go with the space option. She might not want a daemon."
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"Yeah. And presumably we should talk to the one from Prime's world before doing that, but it should go on the to-do list."
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"Yeah. Uh. What do we do with her - tragically deceased daughter? I suppose we'll have to ask Prime's."
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"Yeah. She's not getting any more tragically deceased. I can wait until her mother's ready for her."
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Her husband nods and snuggles his wife. "I love you, have I mentioned?"
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"I love you too."
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"Something I am eternally happy about! Want to write up brochures about mages and my world's general history and immigration policies for our space colony, respectively, while cuddling?"
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